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1 easy step to change your perception

Worry, Fear, Scare, it’s all in your head and you have the power to change your perception. Fear and reality are two different things. Fear is nothing but our perception, and it can be changed while keeping the very same reality. Step back from where you are in life and take a different view.

Change your perception

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This little video is going around on facebook and other social media, and its a great lesson for all of us, only if we reflect.

Disclaimer: I did not make this video. I do not know who is the child, or the person who sprayed the water, or who recorded it. And I don’t encourage or endorse such actions with little children. I only found the video circulating on social media and learnt something very valuable. So, with this disclaimer, lets come back to the lesson.

Did the child get wet? Did the water get into the eyes of this beautiful baby? Nope. Many children, when startled, start to laugh and giggle. And you probably know some one like that too. This same child could have giggled and laughed with the same experience.

Its all a matter of perception, and you can change your perception and manifest anything.

What is Fear?

FEAR is merely a perception of a threat. Being scared, or worried does not change the reality. Fear is our interpretation, its the story we build in our heads about a certain thing or situation.

Take phobias, for instance… such as the height phobia, or the social phobia – fear of public speaking, or ailurophobia – the fear of cats. With the very same set of factors, one person would be totally at ease, and enjoying while the other would be scared stiff. One would be sure that he is going to fall off while the other would be dancing at the same place. One would grab the microphone and start telling jokes, while the other would be sweating. One would jump forward, grab the same cat – totally stranger – and cuddle it, while the other person would run out of the room.

Why? Does the height or guard rails suddenly become different for the other guy? Does the audience suddenly disappear, or does the cat become a plastic toy? No! It happens when you change your perception.

But it makes your life difficult. Whether the child was scared or not, the reality remains that the water did NOT touch the child.

Perception & Reaction: The Cockroach Theory

In an upscale fine dining restaurant a couple was enjoying their dinner when out of nowhere a cockroach flew and landed on the woman’s forearm. The woman shrieked and jerked her arm to get rid off the cockroach. The insect fell on the people on the next table. Similar reaction was experienced in that table. As the diners panicked and screamed the cockroach simply kept falling and flying and landing from one person to another, and from table to the next. It became quite a scene. Seeing the chaos a waiter rushed to the hot spot.

The cockroach, on the other hand, was trying to save its own life, hopping from one thing or person to the next. And in that, he landed on the waiter.

The waiter calmly observed the insect sitting on his chest, grabbed it in his hand, walked out of the door, and released it in the open air, while the guests watched with their eyes wide open.

Was the waiter trained on catching cockroaches, or was he a insect collector? Neither.

All he did was, stay calm, observe the situation, assess the risk, and take necessary action. He did not let the contagious fear of the public get to him. He avoided the monkey see monkey do behavior. It was still the same situation and circumstances. But a change of perception changed everything.

Change your perception

change your perception to manifest desirable results
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you learn this fine point, please step back and rethink about everything that is worrying you right now, everything that you are scared of, and then overlay this video as a metaphor onto yourself and the cause of the worry / fear.

You will learn that whatever the cause or the issue, YOU HAVE THE POWER to control your reactions to it.

You have the power to manifest your desired outcomes
Photo by Wellington Cunha from Pexels

When you take control of your reactions, then you can choose to remain happy, and grateful 24×7, and focus on visualizing your desired outcomes.

What we visualize, we materialize.
So, manifest favorable outcomes from the same circumstances.

Before I let you go, here’s something very powerful that you should do.

Got a question or comment, or need help how to change your perception?. Please ask below.

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