Powerful 5-Minute Daily Manifesting Exercise

Powerful 5-Minute Daily Manifesting Exercise

Manifesting should always be a fun thing. Learning to manifest is easier for adventurous people because they approach the concept of manifesting as a new adventure in life. They say to themselves… heck, lets try it. It will be fun.

This 5-minute daily manifesting exercise can set you up on the manifesting superhighway very quickly. All you need to do is stick to this routine.

Jack Canfield, guru of manifesting

I got the idea for this daily exercise while watching video of Jack Canfield.

He is one huge guru of law of attraction. In fact, he is also featured in the movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and his story is like wow.

5-Minute Daily Manifesting Exercise

1. Decide what you want.

2. Believe you deserve it.

3. Believe you can have it.

4. Believe its possible for you.

5. Every day, for several minutes close your eyes and visualize having it, and feel the feeling of already having it.

6. Then come out of it,

7. Open your eyes,

8. Focus on what you are grateful for already.

9. Enjoy it.

10. Go into the day and release it to the universe.

Trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it.

Trust in manifestation

For this daily exercise to work, you have to develop it as a part of your nature. When you develop the trust that it works, you will start playing with it. Your conversation with your own self will change. And it must.

Because that will show you your faith in it.

β€œThe only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort quote teaches manifesting

This famous quotation from the blockbuster movie “Wolf of the Wall Street” is very relevant here. Our conversations with ourselves drive our thoughts and stem from our thoughts.

Unwavering faith in manifesting

In my posts, you will frequently see the phrase ‘unwavering faith’. Whats the big deal about your faith, and whether its unwavering or not?

First off, here, the word ‘faith’ has nothing to do with your religion. Although, in due course you will discover that religion and law of attraction are both talking about the same thing. But thats another conversation. πŸ™‚

Law of attraction and manifesting are entirely and complete based on what you think. Your thinking is directly hooked to your belief and faith, or lack of, in anything, and everything. For instance, you trust your favorite deli. You go there, buy, and start eating without thinking twice. Did you ever ask the shopkeeper if he had washed his hands before preparing the items? Nope. Did you ever ask if the supplies were fresh, or clean, or ‘A’ quality, etc.? Nope. Why? Because you have unwavering faith in that person and the shop.

Manifesting requires unwavering faith as well.

If you are reading this on your phone, what will happen if you open your hand and release the phone? You have unwavering belief in the law of gravity, that the phone will fall down.

Law of attraction is just like any other natural laws. It works in the very same way. Why do you find this statement surprising? Because, ironically, unlike other laws of nature you were not taught about the law of attraction from your childhood. But, if you understand this, and start to teach this law to your young kids, they are going to grow up manifesting like second nature.

How can you develop unwavering faith in manifesting? By suspending your past beliefs and pre-conceived notions.

If you are thinking, ‘Why should I suspend my lifelong beliefs that are based on first hand experience?”, or what my mom taught me, etc. etc., then here is my question to you: What have you got to loose by changing your thinking and trying this out?

What if, just WHAT IF THIS WORKS?

When you manifest, who will win? YOU. Right? Lets do this. Its worth manifesting. Isn’t it?

One last thing, Release it.

manifesting requires that you release your wish

Its absolutely essential that you release your desire. Go on into the day with your daily routine.

Why? Because if you don’t release it, your mind will start to question irrelevant dimensions of manifesting. When you have unwavering faith, you don’t look back, and keep checking again and again, or dwelling on the same topic. You move on, knowing that things will manifest.

So, release it, and get on with the day!

Got a question? Please ask in the comment space below. I enjoy helping people get started with manifesting.

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