How can I be happy?

Or, in other words, how can I manifest happiness?

Nearly all books you will read on law of attraction will tell you that your ability to manifest is directly linked to your level of happiness. Whether you read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and attend a session of an LOA guru, everyone is asking you to do the same thing: Be Happy.

For some people (you??), thats easier said than done.

Being happy is more challenging for individuals who are going through a rough patch, dealing with depression, or have faced some sort of trauma.

According to the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, an average person has more than 50,000 thoughts in one day.

Law of attraction is directly hooked to your thoughts, and therefore if you have more of negative thoughts then you are likely to manifest negative experiences, and conversely, if you want to manifest good things (who doesn’t?? duh!!) then you need to think 50% or more of positive thoughts.

Considering that you are an average person, this would mean you have to monitor and safeguard the contents of 25,001 thoughts every single day, at a minimum.


Thats a tall order.

Super-human requirement, you might say.

But, there is a short-cut to that.

The shortcut to managing 25,001 thoughts-a-day, or better, is to manage your mood.


Yes. Your mood. You see, its virtually impossible to be sad and think positive thoughts, and to be happy and think negative thoughts. Try it right now. Therefore, in order for your mind to stay with positive thoughts, you must maintain a happy mood.

And that brings us back to the start of this post: How to be happy.

As Adnan Naqvi said, “Happiness is a way of life and thinking”.

How to do that. There are 3, 4 things that you can do:

People who remain 50% or more of their time happy, achieve this by living happily.

If something negative happens, they do not harp on it. They face it, and then move on, switching back to happy thoughts.

They do not pay attention to all the negative news around them.

They do not feed their aura with negative influencers.

They avoid the company where others are only discussing negative things, whether thats happening to themselves, or to others.

Shit happens. Agreed. But even if someone has an accident, then ‘severity’ of the pain, the highest level of shooting pain begins to subside after some time. When a pin pricks, in reality, the pain was only there for the fraction of the second when the pin broke the surface. Afterwards, it actually does not matter how deep the pin goes or how long the pin stays pierced, because the pain sensors are in the skin, and not below the skin.

THEREFORE, rather than continuing to celebrate the pain or the agony, (yes, some people enjoy to celebrate their pains), start to ignore the pain. And, even in those moments, search for some aspect of positivity that you can be grateful for. If nothing else, you can at least be grateful for the fact that you are still alive. That the rest of your body is fine.


Children make-belief everyday. They easily declare any object to be anything else, and thoroughly enjoy the experience of the thing that they believed it to be. The can make a galloping horse out of a wooden stick, a powerful gun out of their own finger and thumb, fly like a bird by holding their arms open, and so forth.

For a moment, RIGHT NOW, please stop a recall all the ways you used to play make-belief.

Please STOP here, and for a little while, recall those times.

As you were going through those memories, did you notice something? When you used to play make-belief, you did not doubt for a moment that it was fake. You have complete belief in its authenticity. Didn’t you?

Now I want you to do this:

Make-belief that you are happy. You are very happy. Do it right now. Place a big smile on your face so that you can feel your facial muscles taking the shape of a smile. Totally shun all other thoughts. Put that smile on your face and in your chest feel happiness.


Stop reading further, and feeeeeeel it.

Are you feeeeeling that happiness?


Why did I ask you to do that?

When you have difficulty getting out of a negative chain of thoughts, then make-belief, and suddenly jump into this state of happiness.

Then prolong it. Stay there. Then make it a habit.

While you are doing make-belief happiness, you will find it easier to think positive thoughts. Because, after all, you don’t want to spoil your make-belief. Right?

The more frequently you practice being happy, the more you will seed your mind with happiness. And you will begin to adopt this behavior.

If you are thinking, what can you think while you are doing make-belief happiness, here is my list of reasons to be grateful. You can get ideas from this and create your own lift of what can you think of and feel grateful when you are happy.

Please do share below how you manage to stay happy. What did you discover in the process. I want to learn from you.

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