How can I be positive when my life is all ________?

Someone asked me, “Everyone keeps saying that I should be positive in order to manifest my dreams, but how can I be positive with so much negativity around me?”

That’s a great question.

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But, to answer this, first, let’s take a look at the basics of law of attraction:

We manifest what we focus on.

For law of attraction, it does not matter whether I am focusing on the negative or the positive.

The law is programmed to simply give me more of whatever I am focusing on.

Plain, and simple!

This law exists in full force. My accepting it or rejecting it will not make any difference to it or its working.

Just like, if I don’t agree with the traffic laws of my city, the authorities wont change them for me. Law is law! If I don’t use them to my favor, only I will get into trouble. So, its better that I make the best use of them and get to my destination.

People have good circumstances and not so good ones too.

People who don’t follow the law of attraction concepts, keep harping about the bad circumstances. They keep focusing on everything going bad in their lives. And when you tell them about LOA, and its primary requirement of focusing on the good, and feeling genuinely grateful and happy, they would often retort that there is so much negative going on in the world, so how can they focus on the positive.

I was once mentoring someone in California. She has a particular fixation on all the negative news items. When I told her that I have discontinued buying the newspapers, and don’t watch news channels anymore, and that she should also follow suit in order to cut out the negative influence in her life, she argued at great length why it is important for her to watch all the world news and then post about them in social media. Her insistence was that she has to stay informed. (Note: She is a housewife, not a government employee or some high flying executive).


YOU, yes, YOU, don’t need to pay attention to every negative in this world. Because when you pay attention to the negative, you are feeding it with your own energy. And this monster grows. And the negative energy returns to you in the shape of negative circumstances and event.

Similarly, when YOU overlook the negative events, and focus on the positive, you attract more happier encounters, more positive events and circumstances in your life.


Suspend your belief and give it a try. What is there to loose if it does turn out to be true?

Isn’t it?

I would love to hear your experience with it.

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