How long does it take to manifest anything

You can manifest anything in seconds and minutes when you have your thoughts in control, AND specially when your inner naysayer is silenced.


Recently while driving to the mosque for Friday prayers I wished that I should get a place in the first first section as it is the coolest portion in that mosque, and it was a very hot summer day. I realized that I was already late, and that most people would have arrived by then.

When I reached there, I could see that all the areas were full and those arriving with me were going to the back side which was the hottest.

With total conviction I still walked to the first section, even though I could clearly see that it was jam packed.

As I stood there surveying the situation a very old man, a total stranger, right in front of me, signaled me to come forward and then he made space for me and I sat down comfortably.

While feeling joy I immediately expressed gratitude because that’s what reloads the LOA system for next use. Keep expressing gratitude.

I can tell you that if I didn’t have that conviction and if I had allowed the inner naysayer to convince me that there is no way I could find a space in the desired section, there was no way I would have got that space.

PRO TIP: Do not let your mind trap you with negative thoughts. Stop and avoid every thought that tells you or challenges you that your wish can not manifest. Do not give it the mind time to give you all reasons why it wont happen. Just avoid the inner naysayer.

You have to wish for it and then act as if the wish has been granted.

Lo and behold, it will manifest.

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