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How to get rid of poor mindset

We attract what we believe. We attract what we keep telling ourselves. We manifest what our mindset is.

These are the basics of the law of attraction and they work 24×7, whether we have faith in this law or not. Simple.

Some people start believing in LOA in certain parts of their lives, and even begin to see the results by manifesting certain things or experiences, but they fail to manifest in other areas of their lives.

Why is that?

Because while they have started to shift their thinking in areas where they were not so stubborn in a particular mindset, but they struggle in areas where their mindset, their thinking, their views were more fixed.

One such area is to do with money.

I have met people who are so clear headed about money that they can manifest money and their choice of job / business out of thin air with amazing ease.

But, others have this “I am poor” so strongly ingrained in their minds that they just can’t get out of it.

Tip: To get out of any particular mindset, or to get your mind to think differently, you basically need to trick it.

For such people here are few tricks:

  1. Every time your mind starts to harp around the thought / around the words that you want to avoid, immediately check yourself and think something else. Just anything else. Preferably, something light, something funny. Look around yourself and start paying attention to anything else. The item right in front of you. The color tone of your skin. The breeze. The sounds around you. The texture of the material you are sitting on. Play some music.
  2. Mood-Switchers: Make a list of mood-switchers… items that help you change your mood instantly. And pick one of them to change your thought pattern. The mood-switchers for every person are different. For some they are music. For others nature. Babies. Pets. Weather. Trinkets. Books. Games on the mobile phone. Basically you need to lift your mood.
  3. Recognize what triggers your poor mindset and avoid them at all costs.
  4. Gratitude. Learn to express gratitude all day, with every breath. For tiniest of things. Here is a list of things that I am grateful for, and this list can get your ideas going. Please do share your ideas of what I can be grateful for.
  5. When you start being grateful, you start to notice so much that you already have. And one should not only be grateful for past transactions, for things already received, but you should also be grateful for things that you are receiving now, or you expect to receive in future.
  6. As you begin to express gratitude, your mind begins to recognize all the blessings, and it begins to shift away from the poor mindset.
  7. As your mind begins to shift, nudge it more and more towards the rich mindset. Towards the feeling of being blessed. Towards the recognition of so much that you have already manifested. This will give you confidence in your ability to manifest.

Please think of all the things that you have in your life, and please recognize that YOU manifested them, knowingly, or unknowingly. Can you please share what you have manifested?

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