How to Manifest

How to manifest, or in other words, Manifestation 101.

Recall the experiences you had today or yesterday, no matter how mundane or routine things they were. Such as the breakfast you had. The shirt you bought. The drive to work.

Believe me, you manifested them.

Before you manifested the experience, you ‘wished’ for it. Even if you “apparently” made that yourself or did that yourself. Step one was that you wished for it, desired it, imagined it. Even though it was all in a flash of second.

The reason you might find this silly is because you did not put any ‘effort’ into manifesting it. You took it so natural and obvious that if I had asked you when you were wishing for it “Are you sure it will manifest?” you could have replied “Are you stupid?”

The things you imagine with such surety and certainty manifest the fastest.

And good manifestation is extremely lightweight.

No pressure, tension or wondering.

Ask and it’s done.

Be, and it is.

Kun faya koon.

If you are with me thus far, then all you need to do is replicate the same surety when manifesting other things.

BUT, there is one caveat!

Every time you manifest something, again, no matter how mundane, make sure you express gratitude (thanks) while feeling happy inside.

I wont challenge who you pray to. Allah, God, whatever you believe in, just remember to express wholehearted gratitude to Him.

Start experimenting with very small things where you will have least resistance from your inside, challenging or mocking your desire.

I have become a pro at manifesting certain things, such as green traffic light and parking spaces in most unimaginable situations. All I need to do is ask. BUT, when I get it I say “Thank you Allah” so that I seed the future manifestations.

Good luck and have fun. Enjoy experimenting and you will love it. Then thank the Lord for all of us here sharing this knowledge.

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