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How will it manifest? How will it happen?

One of the biggest obstacles to manifesting anything is when we let our mind question: “How will it manifest?” Manifestation demands unwavering faith.

How will it manifest?

In reality, how will it manifest is none of our concern.

The Law of Attraction demands that you only wish and then believe it’s yours. The famous 3 words from the movie The Secret:


The “How” is not your problem.

Typically what happens is this: As we wish for something, we immediately question how will it happen. So much so, that as we grow older we begin to even stop ourselves from wishing for things that we believe we don’t have the means for achieving.

But it’s not your fault either. No one ever taught you manifestation.

From the very start you have been taught that you can only have what you have the means for. Or, to get something, you must work for it. Unless you have the resources for something, you can’t have it. And therefore, you develop this automatic discarding of desires that you inherently believe that you are incapable of, or not sufficiently enabled for.

“Money does not grow on trees”, “who do you think you are”, “where will the money come from” are some common lines you would have heard.

For instance, if you have $10,000 in your bank, you will not even wholeheartedly wish for the $20,000 item without devising the financing of it. Should I get a loan, does my credit card have that much limit, am I getting that much money from somewhere, etc. And if the answers are no, then you will drop the wish altogether.

BUT, law of attraction says something else!

Law of attraction says,

There is no provision in the law for worrying or bothering about how will the manifestation take place.


Because that’s the domain of the law of attraction, whatever name you relate it with… Nature, Universe, God, whatever makes sense to you for that Supreme power that runs the law.

When you start thinking how it will happen, you are sending out negative energy, doubting the process, and lack of faith in your desire’s manifestation.

You don’t “Believe” in your Ask. You are failing on the second step.

So, what to do?

How will it manifest?

It’s simple:

Ask: Wish for anything with depth of your heart. When you wish, be as clear and as specific and as detailed as possible.

Believe: Visualize yourself with your desire. Imagine yourself enjoying what you wished for with your complete senses… Feel the texture of it, imagine the smell of it, the taste of it, the temperature of it, the sound of it, the feel of all around you. The more details you visualize with every sense of your body, the more powerful your manifestation. Feel grateful for it.

Receive: Receive your desire.

Don’t second guess. Don’t let the tiniest shred of doubt enter your mind. Don’t bother yourself with all the question of where it come from, when will it manifest, how will it manifest, etc. That’s none of your concern.

The concept of manifestation

If you just laughed while reading “none of your concern”, then you need to read this post again. From the start. I mean it. Because your laugh shows your disbelief, that you do not completely buy this fundamental principle of manifestation. Keep going over it again and again until your mind says to you, “You know what! Let’s suspend the beliefs and do this.”

The moment you believe it, your life will change for good.

It’s all in your mind. I am not selling you anything. I am not asking you for anything. Because whatever I need, I ask, and I get.

If you are new to the concept of law of attraction, and manifesting, then please read the guide to manifesting for beginners.

I am here only to share the knowledge of law of attraction. Why? Because ever since I started to believe in the law of attraction, my life transformed.

I manifest because I believe I can manifest. When I learnt these principles I stopped asking how will it manifest.

I want to hear your story. What did you manifest. But more importantly, I also want to know your questions, and would love to answer them. So, use the comment space below to share your stories about manifesting, questions related to law of attraction, and comments.

And, before I let you go, one more thing: If you have been struggling to manifest a particular thing, then you must use this powerful, 5-minutes per day exercise and enjoy the manifestation of your wish. Works like a charm.

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