Manifest like Tiger Woods

How to manifest like a pro

What is the basics of manifestation? That when you wish for something, you completely and totally believe in its manifestation.

You must have unwavering faith in your wish materializing.

For the religious readers, what does your religion ask of you? That when you pray for anything, you MUST have total faith in your God that He listens to your prayers and He will grant it to you.

In this 15-second video of Tiger Woods playing golf, you can see his ultimate level of faith in the manifestation of his wish. There was every possibility that the ball might roll to a side, or that it might overshoot, or stop millimeters short of the hole.

But for one of the great living legends in the history of Golf, he has so much faith it will go straight into the hole, that he does not even wait to watch it, and turns around to shake hand with the other person in a celebratory manner.

Ask, Believe, Receive

Law of attraction requires that when you have wished for something, then you act like you have received it, and feel happy about it.

Once you have Asked for something, then do NOT second guess. Do NOT doubt. Do NOT even think of Plan B.

Act like you have it. Believe it. Totally. Completely. From the core of your heart.

Then all thats left to do, is to Receive your wish. Feel grateful all throughout. Enjoy.

Now go, and manifest like a pro!

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