How can I be happy?

Or, in other words, how can I manifest happiness?

Nearly all books you will read on law of attraction will tell you that your ability to manifest is directly linked to your level of happiness. Whether you read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and attend a session of an LOA guru, everyone is asking you to do the same thing: Be Happy.

For some people (you??), thats easier said than done.

Mindsets Techniques

How to get rid of poor mindset

We attract what we believe. We attract what we keep telling ourselves. We manifest what our mindset is.

These are the basics of the law of attraction and they work 24×7, whether we have faith in this law or not. Simple.

Some people start believing in LOA in certain parts of their lives, and even begin to see the results by manifesting certain things or experiences, but they fail to manifest in other areas of their lives.

Why is that?

Because while they have started to shift their thinking in areas where they were not so stubborn in a particular mindset, but they struggle in areas where their mindset, their thinking, their views were more fixed.

One such area is to do with money.


What can I be grateful for?

Here is my very short list of things that I am grateful for.

As I go about my business throughout the day, I come across loads of reasons to express gratitude. And I do. And thats what has made the single biggest difference in my life.

This little practice will transform your life. Trust me on this. Start today.


As you are doing your routine tasks, keep repeating words of gratitude, and keep thinking of what next can you say thankyou for. Keep expanding the list. And do repeat the items you have already thanked for.


How can I be positive when my life is all ________?

Someone asked me, “Everyone keeps saying that I should be positive in order to manifest my dreams, but how can I be positive with so much negativity around me?”


What did you manifest TODAY?

This morning I asked someone who is a newbie with LOA, “what did you manifest today?”
She replied very matter-of-fact-ly: “Nothin'”.
I asked, “Why? You should keep practicing it daily, keep manifesting small things.”
Her reply shocked me: “I thought i shld do when needed.😐”.