Basics Techniques

What is The Rubber Duck Challenge?

‘The Rubber Duck Challenge’ is often recommended as a good starting point for the newbies of law of attraction.

The basic concept of the rubber duck challenge is to manifest something rather unusual so that when it happens, you know for sure that it was because of your attempt at manifesting it.


Manifestation for Beginners

Manifesting is a law of universe and we all have been doing it since birth. But still, for most of us, when we hear about the law of attraction for the first time, we reject the concept entirely. Manifestation for beginners has been written specifically for people who are beginning to explore this concept and would like to learn how to manifest easily.

So, its okay if you feel that, to say the least, you have never manifested anything earlier.

Lets take a baby step, shall we?


How to Manifest

How to manifest, or in other words, Manifestation 101.

Recall the experiences you had today or yesterday, no matter how mundane or routine things they were. Such as the breakfast you had. The shirt you bought. The drive to work.

Believe me, you manifested them.