What did you manifest TODAY?

This morning I asked someone who is a newbie with LOA, “what did you manifest today?”
She replied very matter-of-fact-ly: “Nothin'”.
I asked, “Why? You should keep practicing it daily, keep manifesting small things.”
Her reply shocked me: “I thought i shld do when needed.😐”.

For most people starting to discover law of attraction their biggest challenge is manifesting ‘anything’. So much so that they quickly fall into the mindset of disbelief, denial and rejection of the entire concept when nothing ‘magically grand’ happens.

All experts suggest that you should start by trying to manifest something small. And as you begin to succeed, try going for bigger things.

FACT: We all, including YOU, have been manifesting things all our lives but did not know it, and do not realize it. When you wish for anything, when you think of anything, and it happens, you basically manifested it.
But you don’t realize it.
You take it for granted, and never analyze what happened under the hood.
What science went on.

As the above person displayed in the question, ‘manifesting’ is not something that will run out and therefore you should only use it for big things, or when you absolutely need that special thing.

When you wake up and you wish for a coffee, and you get it… even though you made it yourself, you have manifested it.

This line might shock you, but yes you have manifested it.

Lets stop for a moment and analyze: When you wished for the coffee, what are the possibilities of NOT getting the coffee? Well,…

  1. It may be that the coffee jar is empty
  2. It may be that the peculator, or the electric kettle (whatever you use) has developed a fault and does not work.
  3. It may be that there is a power breakdown and you can’t boil the water.

The possibilities of why you wont get the coffee are numerous.


when you wake up and wish for the coffee, you dont start going through the list of what can go wrong, and simply get up and make your coffee, or ask someone to do it for you, and you get the coffee.

Got it?

You just manifested a cup of coffee.

Avoid the anxiety and mindset of what can go wrong, and manifest whatever you desire.

So, now coming back to the topic… the more regularly, and routinely, you practice manifesting out-of-routine, unusual things, the better you will get.

The better you become at manifesting, and you will then start using statements like ‘I am going to manifest _______________’ with confidence, and you WILL manifest.

Manifest something everyday. 🙂

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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