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What is The Rubber Duck Challenge?

‘The Rubber Duck Challenge’ is often recommended as a good starting point for the newbies of law of attraction.

The basic concept of the rubber duck challenge is to manifest something rather unusual so that when it happens, you know for sure that it was because of your attempt at manifesting it.

The Rubber Duck Challenge helps you gain confidence in law of attraction and the whole idea of manifesting things out of thin air.

When you succeed at manifesting the duckie, you will be confident at manifesting bigger things in life.

So here is what you need to do:

Visualise a Rubber Duck.
Note every little detail.
What color is it?
Note its shape and size.
Its eyes. Its beak. Its tail. Its feet.
Smell the material of it.
Feel the texture of the duck’s material.
Hear the sound it makes.

Once you have visualized it in all the detail, believe that it has already manifested and feel the joy of succeeding at manifesting the first object in your life.

Then release it and carry on with your life.

Don’t second guess. Don’t wonder whether this will happen or not. Let the rubber duck manifest for you.

The duck will show up in your life.

How? Thats not your problem. It will show up.

I would love to hear your story how you manifested the duckie in the rubber duck challenge.

If you are not entirely clear about it, please ask in the comment section below and I will be happy to guide you.

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